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Profilo di Nadezhda


Numero profilo 8665
Profilo pubblicato il 7/5/2017
Nome Nadezhda
Data di nascita 9/8/1981
Altezza 165
Peso 54
Città Ekaterinburg
Nazione Russia
Occhi green
Capelli blond straight medium
Occupazione Manager
Istruzione higher
Religione Orthodoxy
Stato civile never been married
Figli son
Lingua good English
Personalità Intelligence, sense of humor, honesty, beauty, responsibility.
Musica preferita I like Roberto Cacciapaglia, Enigma, Enrique Iglesias, David Guetta, Aventura, Roxette…….
Letture nel tempo libero Adventure and historical-romance novel
Mi piace andare I like to go out with my friends for dinner and talking, i like picnics and barbecue with friends, go to the cinema, sometimes for dancing. Play football with my son))
Cucina preferita italian
Su di me I am a good looking lady with a strong but kind character, who have a great store of love inside. I can be very loving, caring and tender with a man, whom i love. Unfortunately i think that there is no man for me in Russia, as I don't like narcissistic men, who like only themselfs, who are not responsible for their children and families......I like to travel a lot and i see a lot of families, so i make a conclusion that "european family" is more closer for me, than "russian one". Another moment - i like man with a strong (NOT RUDE) character.....how to explain.... a man who possesses a moral strength, with whom i will be a small girl, who is under protection)) and one more thing...i am enough self-sufficient person with my roof over my head, car e t c. I don't want to loose my time with a "poor but very cool guy"...you should understand me))) it was a time in my 17,18,19,.....even 25 when i could love such guy....and i did. But not now))
Età del mio partner 38-44
Partner desiderato Some small girl Emily of 8 years old says: "Love is when you (he and she) kiss all the time. Then, when you are tired from kissing, you still want to be together and just talking. My parents do like this. And when they kiss each other they look like to be a single unit" (c). Small wise girl, i like this ))) I want to show my son what family should be and what is love between a man and woman. And i want to be happy.