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Profilo di Yana


Numero profilo 8680
Profilo pubblicato il 19/5/2017
Nome Yana
Data di nascita 4/3/1988
Altezza 168
Peso 57
Città Kremenchug
Nazione Ukraine
Occhi green
Capelli red straight medium
Occupazione ballet teacher
Istruzione higher
Religione Christianity
Stato civile never been married
Figli no kids
Lingua intermediate English
Personalità There is no doubt that all people have different character traits. Sometimes you may think that you know a person' s character well just because you have been friends for ages, but one particular situation can show how wrong you were. In lots of cases peop
Musica preferita Music is an art, which reflects life, people’s ideas and emotions. As for me I listen to different kinds, but most of all I prefer pop music.
Letture nel tempo libero I read magazines and I also surf the net and subscribe to interesting sites. These media can undoubtedly provide me with boundless and useful knowledge too. And by the way I often read e-books instead of the paper ones.
Mi piace andare I like to go out to the cinemas, theatres, museums , galleries , lovely cafe or restaurants. I am excited to walk in the countryside enjoying the beauty of hills and valleys, lakes and forests.
Cucina preferita borsch (red beetroot soup), ukha (fish soup), solyanka (thick soup made of pickled veggies, meat and sausage) and rassolnik (pickle soup),roast chicken or lamb with potatoes, or steamed vegetables with meat gravy,puddings with ice-cream or jam.
Su di me I have been dancing since I was 7. I have tried a lot of dance styles: folk dance, elegant ballroom dance, ballet dance and even lively hip-hop and break-dance. I was really fond of slow waltz, tango, rumba, salsa and cha-cha-cha. I liked that all Latin dances were hot and optimistic. And I’m sure everyone knows that ballroom costumes are fabulous and you look marvelous in them. Now I am keen on ballet and jazz dances. This style is widely used in Broadway shows and musical comedies such as “Chicago” and “Cabaret”. And it has become very popular in our country in recent years. My choreographer is a skilled and talented person. The art of dancing inspires me. I feel very confident and happy after the classes. They give me an ocean of emotions, confident bearing, grace, co-ordination and balance. I enjoy ballet because I find the body movements very beautiful and rhythmic. I can express my feelings with the help of them. Ballet dancing is like original non-verbal communication for me. Besides, it requires much energy, effort and flexibility. It isn’t an easy style to dance and you should work hard to master it.
Età del mio partner 30-45
Partner desiderato I'd like to find a romantic, kind, tender, caring, smart, very responsible and mature man, who loves me and respects me, who has clear goals and dreams. The most important for me is his personality. I hope to find the perfect man for me, who wants to find his happiness and true love with me.